Seattle Outdoor Activities

Seattle Outdoor ActivitiesDon´t let Seattle´s reputation for rain discourage you! Emerald City is actually one of the best places to explore the outdoors in the country. The city is filled with parks and surrounded by greenery. With so many outdoor options readily available, it is no wonder Seattle is considered one of the fittest cities in the country!

Green Lake Park
Relax at the urban outdoor oasis known as Green Lake Park. Located in the heart of a bustling neighborhood, this park offers residents and visitors a gorgeous escape with over 300 acres of beautiful lakeside landscape, perfect for picnicking, swimming, boating, hiking, biking or even skating.

Address: 7201 E Green Lake Dr., Seattle, WA 98103 - MAP
Phone: (206) 684-4075

Viretta Park
As you walk along the boulevard, leave some time for a quick stop at Viretta Park. This grassy little park is perfect for a short nature walk outdoors or a place to stop and catch your breath in the middle of a busy day. If you are in the area come mid-August, check the blackberry bushes for a yummy treat.

Address: 151 Lake Washington Blvd., Seattle, WA 98127 - MAP
Phone: (206) 684-4075

Seattle Chinese Garden
Find your inner peace outdoors at the Sichuan-style Seattle Chinese Garden. These specially designed gardens feature a combination of traditional garden favorites and exotic imports. The combination of horticulture, architecture and the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water help you relax and become more Zen among some of nature's most beautiful creations.

Address: 6000 16th Ave., Seattle, WA 98106 - MAP
Phone: (206) 934-5219

Woodland Park Zoo
Let loose the animal inside you at the Woodland Park Zoo! This zoological garden covers 92 acres and includes over 1,000 animals representing over 300 species. Learn about nature and its creatures through educational exhibits as well as hands-on areas like the petting zoo.

Address: 5500 Phinney Ave., Seattle, WA 98103 - MAP
Phone: (206) 548-2500

Woodland Park Rose Garden
Take in some of the most breathtaking sights and smells as you walk outdoors through the Woodland Park Rose Garden. The Rose Garden showcases its extensive collection of roses, hybrids, tree roses, miniatures, climbers and All-America test varieties alongside its wonderful architecture in a way that brings together natural beauty and human designs in harmony.

Address: 1000 N 50th St., Seattle, WA 98103 - MAP
Phone: (206) 233-7272

Washington Park Arboretum
Also known as the University of Washington Botanic Gardens, the Washington Park Arboretum houses a plant collection with over 10,000 specimens. Stroll through this expansive Arboretum and its many themed gardens and nature exhibits, learn about the history of the area or just unwind as you watch the waterfowl in the Arboretum Creek.

Address: 2300 Arboretum Dr E, Seattle, WA 98112 - MAP
Phone: (206) 543-8800

Freeway Park
Freeway Park lives up to its moniker–streets border all sides of this urban park. Conveniently located downtown and easily accessible by shoppers, downtown office workers, hotel visitors and others, Freeway Park offers a relaxing outdoor space filled with a well-groomed landscape, pathways, a play area for children and a decorative fountain.

Address: 700 Seneca St., Seattle, WA 98101 - MAP
Phone: (206) 684-4075

Lincoln Park
Whether you are looking to spend some time at the beach or for a place to play sports, Lincoln Park is the perfect destination. This 135-acre park offers a huge variety of outdoor amenities to Seattle residents and visitors. The beach area is great for swimming or boating, or you can swim in the heated pool. Check out the many sports facilities as well as the multiple pathways and wooded areas.

Address: 8011 Fauntleroy Way, Seattle, WA 98136 - MAP
Phone: (206) 684-4075